Q&A Episode 003

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Jeff Rowley, Personal Big Wave Surf Coach

Webinar Questions

01:07 – Can you give us a play-by-play of the Kai Lenny Nazare cleanup video on his Instagram?
05:36 – How do you navigate the path of a jet ski when towing in?
09:45 – When driving a ski, what’s involved in locating a surfer and actually picking them up?
19:56 – What’s been your best single wave?
24:50 – What’s on the list to do before it gets beyond you?
31:09 – What are some tips and techniques on how to slow down in a back hand tube?
39:32 – What are some tips for the backhand tuberiding technique that some guys have where they lean their whole body on the wave?
42:54 – What brand leashes are you using in your guns? 
49:12 – Nazare vs Mullaghmore – which would you prefer?
54:38 – What’s the best progression sequence to build my barrel riding skills?
1:01:47 – If I’m caught in a barrel that shuts down, what’s the best escape strategy? 
1:06:27 – If I take off and do a grab rail, will it make it easier to get in and out of a barrel successfully?
1:11:33 – When a random 15 foot set is about to break 50m in front of you, what thoughts do you put into your mind to control your behaviour and stay calm?
1:19:17 – Do you dive deep or wear it when caught inside?
01:23:40 – How do you approach being caught inside with a high heart rate?
01:32:06 – What am I thinking before paddling out in big surf with no-one out?
01:38:56 – At what size do you wear a foam vest?
01:41:44 – At what size do you use an inflatable vest?
01:44:18 – Which inflatable vest do you prefer and why?
01:54:32 – What was your progression into bigger waves?
02:01:32 – Im fine in 8-10ft. How do you suggest I get comfort in 10-12ft surf? 
02:09:41  – Any specific training that you think makes a real difference, what’s your regime?
02:11:53 – How hard should you push on the initial test breath hold? 
02:15:33 – What breathing technique should you do during the training?
02:24:14 – Should I be “letting” the air fall to my belly instead of pushing it down?


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