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Paddler In Mastery Partner Program High Paying affiliate program

What Is Paddle In Mastery?

Paddle In Mastery is headed up by an elite big wave surfer who shares his innovative training techniques.
They are different to most surfing and “breath training” courses, as they are science based and results driven, and rely on quality affiliates and word of mouth to grow their business.
Their breath training course is actually used by elite big wave surfers from around the world, and is continuously being updated with advancing techniques used by the surfers. Because of this, they are experiencing rapid growth via word of mouth.

Who Is The Paddle In Mastery Partner Program For?

We are looking to partner with influencers and marketers to the action sports niche, including;

  • Experienced affiliates in the sports interest niche
  • Affiliates with their own customer/prospect list and social media following
  • YouTubers, website owners and bloggers with an engaged audience
  • Business owners who want to diversify their income streams
  • Affiliates who do NOT use inappropriate forms of marketing

What Product Can I Promote?

Earn $98 Commission Per Sale Of The Breath Hold Blueprint Course


The Breath Hold Blueprint is an online breath hold training program designed by a professional big wave surfer.
It is suitable for anyone who wants to increase their breath hold and enjoy the freedom this brings.
Members can increase their breath hold up to 5 minutes within 27 days, safely and on their own, using the same system and cutting edge techniques used by elite big wave surfers.
As an affiliate partner promoting The Breath Hold Blueprint, you will earn a 33% revenue share (earning AU $99 per sale) by spreading the word about this amazing program.

What do the Breath Hold Blueprint customers get?

Everything they need to succeed in increasing their breath hold for up to 5 minutes in 27 days.

This includes:

  • Lifetime access to comprehensive on-demand video training
  • Guidance through all 176 breath holds
  • The Breath Hold Blueprint workbook
  • Bonus exclusive members Q&A video library
  • A proven, straight-line pathway to success

All delivered inside a secure members area.



Following your successful application you will receive:




Fill out and submit the form above- if you qualify you will receive approval quickly.

Once approved, you will receive an email with access to our Partner Center. 

In the Partner Center you will find your unique links (for tracking traffic), training & product education and assets (images etc) to help you promote.

You can insert your links anywhere, and we track your traffic via cookies for 6 months.

If there’s anything that you need to help you do the best job promoting, and it’s not provided, contact your partner manager for assistance.

No, you won’t need any special apps or programs.

We provide you with everything to track and monitor your traffic and sales performance. 

To start referring traffic and earning commissions all you need is your smartphone, tablet or computer and be able to copy and paste your unique affiliate tracking link where your audience, followers or traffic can see and click it.

We are looking to partner with skilled and motivated marketers and influencers, who have an existing audience or list, generate traffic or have a large following.

Your affiliate marketing experience level does not matter, our partner program is designed to be easy to use for anyone, giving you everything you need to succeed, even if you haven’t done any affiliate marketing before.

The Paddle In Mastery Partner Program offers THE HIGHEST COMMISSION affiliate partner program in the surfing niche.

We offer 33% commission on our products. Our first product, the Breath Hold Blueprint retails for $297 and you will earn $99 PER SALE that is tracked to you (per full price sale).

We aim to develop strong, long-term working relationships with our partners.

As a partner you will have access to our Partner Center, which contains everything you need to succeed- your tracking links, training videos, assets  to help you promote, and your dashboard for tracking your traffic and sales.

As a partner you will also have direct email contact with our team, so we can provide direct support.

Absolutely, it’s fine for you to promote our products at your own pace and time.

Some promotion methods take time to get traction, while others generate faster results.

Once you submit the above form we will review and approve you ASAP.

Once approved you will be sent your unique login credentials giving you access to the Partner Center.

You will be able to get your tracking link immediately upon logging in for the first time.

How quickly you get sales depends upon what platform(s) you operate on, how much effort you put in, the type of promotion you do, and the audience engagement you have.

If you have a large social media presence with engaged followers, you may generate traffic and sales from a single, well thought out post or video. The spike in traffic may be short lived.

If you have a website or blog, create quality articles and rely on organic search results, then it may take longer to generate traffic and sales, but the traffic may generate for a longer period of time.


Paddle in Mastery is a website dedicated to improving your surfing, led by big wave surfer Jeff Rowley. Jeff shares decades of surf experience with members and clients of Paddle In Mastery.


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