Breath Hold Blueprint


Develop Up To a 5-Minute Breath Hold In 27 Days.



Be personally guided to hold your breath for up to 5-minutes in 27 days.

Follow the daily guided breath training video sessions to reach your goal.

23-years of knowledge and experience condensed into 4-weeks

Save yourself a lifetime of trial and error and learn the most effective system.

You can start training your breath hold today, regardless of your current breath hold ability

Whether you are a first timer to breath training, or you already have a 3-4 minute breath hold, the Breath Hold Blueprint is the system you need to get to the next level.

Train every day, or at your own pace

Once you become a member you have full access to the entire course. You can complete the training at your own time and pace.

The 9 things you must avoid when breath training

Avoid these 9 things and increase your breath hold instantly.

Discover how to do the Optimal Breath Hold For Surfers, and WHY it's completely different to a freediving breath hold

This little-known technique will give you the calmest, most relaxed & comfortable breath hold from 6 to 60 foot surf.

Learn the Top Gun breathing technique used to prevent blacking out in massive surf

The simple, potentially life saving technique used by elite big wave surfers to prevent blacking out when getting pounded by a giant set.

Learn the Secret System to get your breath hold ready for 50 FOOT SURF in 5-days

Transform your breath hold from UNPREPARED (not training) to ready for the WORLD'S BIGGEST SURF in 5 DAYS.

It's About More Than Just Holding Your Breath


YES! The Breath Hold Blueprint will give you the guidance, tools and roadmap to increase your breath hold up to 5-minutes.

But increasing your breath hold is just a vehicle to achieve much bigger goals.

It’s about saying goodbye to your life’s limitations, so you can do the things you love, surf the waves you want, and achieving something you can be proud of.

That’s when things start to get really interesting, and you can move beyond fear to find what success really means to you.




"Hi I’m Shaun from Torquay Australia. I’ve been doing the breath hold blueprint now for two months. In the beginning I could hold my breath for about a minute, and two weeks in I'm at three and a half minutes which to me is a great sense of accomplishment.
For me it’s predominantly about surfing, but I’ve been getting other benefits from it as well and, I’d recommend this for anyone that’s in and around the ocean, or in and around anything to do with breath holding, surfing or diving or, for me as I said even those other benefits like that sense of accomplishment has been huge.
It’s really easy to follow along, I’ve dabbled in some breath hold work previously and just found that it never really stuck whereas with this, I can just see it sticks. I’ve got a lot of distractions in my life, as everyone does, and I just find this is really simple to follow along."
Shaun O'Callaghan
Torquay Australia
"Hey, Im Nick from Torquay, Australia.
I've been using the Breath Hold Blueprint for around 2 months and started it to increase my confidence in my breath holds when surfing waves of consequence, as well as a new form of training for myself.
I've got my breath hold up to 2 minutes 15 sec for 7 sets which I am super happy with, and I am keen to progress further in the future.
I am very happy with the course because it is super easy to follow along- step by step guidance and reassurance commentary throughout is what I really found helpful, but most of all, results don't lie
I'd recommend this course to anyone that wants to rapidly improve their breath hold, for the physical and mental confidence of being out in bigger surf. Five stars for the Breath Hold Blueprint."
Nick T
Torquay, Australia
"In the short time I've been doing the breath hold blueprint, I already feel a lot more confident and ready for when the surf gets big. Beside breath training, Jeff's course also focuses on the basic aspects of big wave surfing, such as equipment and preparation which were also very helpful to me.

I particularly enjoyed the videos which were very basic and easy to follow, thanks to Jeff's effective and clear communication featured in the videos.

The thing that suited me most was the fact the course doesn't require you to swim in a pool everyday, you can simply do these most of the sessions lying in the comfort of your own bed, it's that easy and you'll notice the results quickly.

I would recommend this course to all levels of surfers. Whether you are an intermediate surfer wanting to tackle bigger surf, or an advanced surfer wanting to catch the biggest wave of your life, this course is realistic for any type of waves and surviving real situations."


Jeff Rowley, Personal Big Wave Surf Coach


“I developed the Breath Hold Blueprint to coach myself to achieve my own 5-minute breath hold, and give me the confidence to back myself in any size surf. I use this exact system every week, month, and year round to stay on top of my breath hold. It’s my pleasure to share it with you, and fast-track your breath-holding success.”



Jeff Rowley


Everything you need to succeed

More than just an online breath training course, Breath Hold Blueprint connects you to a community of like-minded people, a wealth of combined experience, and a library of high-quality education.

Comprehensive On-Demand Video Training

39 video lessons, demonstrations and training sessions covering everything you need to know about training and holding your breath hold.

Guidance Through Every Single Breath Hold

We guide you through every breath hold of every session, giving you the confidence and support to succeed.

The Breath Hold Blueprint Workbook

Track your success with the downloadable PDF workbook containing your daily journal, 30-day calendar, and personal contract. 

Proven Straight-Line Pathway To Success

We make it simple with a straight-line path allowing you to progress from where you are now, to where you want to be.

Start Training Now

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  • Lifetime Access To All Course Content & Updates
  • 4 Weeks of Daily Guided Breath Training Sessions
  • 39 On-Demand Videos Including Lessons & Training Sessions
  • Downloadable Daily Journal/PDF Workbook
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The Breath Hold Blueprint is a straight-line pathway towards achieving your ultimate breath hold.

Every day for 4 weeks, you’ll be guided through a 20 – 50 minute online breath training session. Each day builds upon the last, and you will enjoy a rewarding sense of progress.

Supporting you on your journey is a series of core skills lessons, pdf downloads, bonus content, and access to the Paddle In Mastery Q&A Video Library.

There are no water-based training sessions in the program, so you do not need access to a pool. This eliminates the risk of shallow water blackout.

Removing the risk allows you to safely push your limits in training.

The list of equipment Jeff recommends to complete each training session is extremely small. That’s why the Blueprint can be trained virtually anywhere at any time, from your favourite room at home, to airport lounges, hotel rooms, or on a boat trip.

All you need is a smartphone, tablet or computer, an Internet connection and a safe and comfortable place to lie down.

If you are unhappy with your breath hold and you have been searching for a straight line path to increase your breath hold up to 5 MINUTES, AND you are prepared to do the work, then the Breath Hold Blueprint is for you.

Your age or fitness level does not matter, the Breath Hold Blueprint is specifically designed to be accessible to anyone, giving you everything you need to succeed, even if you haven’t done any breath training before.

That being said, if you are taking medication we highly recommend you consult with your health practitioner beforehand.

This is THE COURSE if you want to learn how to hold your breath for up to 5 minutes.

You will be holding your breath from Day 1.

The Breath Hold Blueprint delivers measurable results, giving you a rewarding sense of achievement.

You need from just 20 minutes a day to follow the daily guided breath training sessions. Core skills lessons are suggested each day, or available on demand. 

Everybody starts at Day One. You can repeat a day if you find it difficult or take a few days off, or go back one day if you don’t train for a week. 

The training sessions are designed to be calming, reassuring and easy to follow. You will progress quickly and gain experience and knowledge that will last a lifetime. 

Members have lifetime access to the course.

The Breath Hold Blueprint is a system designed for you to achieve the best results by training every day, consistently, at the same time.

That being said, it’s fine for you to train at your own pace and time.

What’s most important towards your success in the program is consistency and your ability to following guidance.

When you join Breath Hold Blueprint the course content is available to you for life. After you have been through the program the first time, you can pick it up again at any time.

Once you join the program you will be sent your unique login credentials giving you member access to the course content.

You will be able to start the course immediately upon logging in for the first time.

Breath Hold Blueprint Members often comment that they are amazed by how fast they progress.

From the first session, Breath Hold Blueprint uses a system of continuous improvement.

By the end of Week One you will be completing training that you were incapable of just a few days beforehand.

Completing Week Two, you will be training at a level that I consider the Breath Holding Benchmark for riding any size surf in the world. Two weeks!

In Week Three, you will no longer be shocked by how long your breath hold is- you will be wondering how far you can go.

Week Four will guide you to the highest of breath holding levels.

That’s not a sales pitch, it’s a breakdown of where you’re going to be if you follow the system.

Shaun, one of our earliest members, had this to say:

“I can’t believe how fast the progression is. I was trying to think of another sport or activity or training program that has so much progress in as short a period of time, but I can’t think of anything. This has to be the fastest.”