What Brand Of Leashes Do I Use In My Guns?

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What Brand Of Leashes Am I Using In My Guns?

3 January, 2021

Question from Skeeter

Mornington Peninsula, Australia

What brand of leashes do I use in my guns?

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Jeff Rowley: What brand of leashes am I using in my guns? | Paddle In Mastery

Question from Skeeter

Mornington Peninsula, Australia

What brand of leashes do I use in my guns?

That’s a good question. Right now I have two different leashes for my big boards. I have a Creatures of Leisure outer Reef 10 and up I have a da kind pe’ahi 12 foot leash.

The Creatures of Leisure out of reef 10 is a lease model that I have been using for over 10 years now. I have never had any problems with them actually, I may have broken one at Jaws on a big day but I haven’t had many problems with them. I like that Leg rope. I like the 10 foot length because I like short leg ropes on my big boards, so even when I am riding a 10 foot 6 surfboard I use a 10 foot leg rope. I don’t like leg ropes stretching, and the board being a long way away tombstoning it takes too long to retrieve your board. I don’t like long liquorice because they allow you to be pushed deeper under the water and you simply have a greater distance to swim back to the surface when you are tired or forced to climb up your leash.

I prefer 10 foot legropes that is my favourite size I use 10 foot LEGO even if it’s massive and that’s why I.

There are some good legropes that I haven’t tried- ocean and earth makes a good leg rope using a different system where the horn attaches to your foot that I haven’t tried..

The creatures of letter outer Reef 10 he’s just a very simple leg rope it has a single wrap velcro closure, doesn’t have a quick release pin like some of the leashes do. It’s pretty thick at about 9.5mm, it’s the right length and it doesn’t feel like it drags too much. It’s just an all around good leg rope and I’m very comfortable with it. 

The other leash that I have is the DaKine pe’ahi leash. It’s 12 foot long. It was designed by Ian Walsh, Shane Dorian and the DaKine team on Maui specifically for paddle surfing jaws. When we started paddling big Peahi, guys were popping leashes all the time, because there had never been need for anything like what you need for paddle surfing Jaws when it’s massive.

The DaKine pe’ahi leash is the thickest leash on the market at 12mm. When you hold it up next to other leashes it’s so thick in comparison. It has all the bells and whistles and they have spared noexpense in the design. 

It has the quick release pin so that if you are in an emergency and you need to separate yourself from your board quickly you can pull the pin it also has triple or 4 layers of velcro instead of just going once around your leg, you wrap the velcro around 4 times in different directions so you are not getting out of the velcro in a hurry and it will never pull off your leg. You would use the quick release pin to get out of the leg rope in an emergency. However I don’t have a lot of situations where I find myself needing to release from my leash in such a hurry so the quick release pin is not the number one thing for me at Jaws it’s a good thing to have the quick release pin because they have jet ski driver’s picking them up from the impact zone and they need to be pulled out of the water in a hurry and they let their board get washed in and they can either pick their board up on the inside before it goes on the rocks or the board gets smashed on the rocks and you need to ride a backup surfboard. That works well if you’re a professional surfer and you have many expensive surfboards and you can simply go and grab another one from the boat and paddle back out but for the rest of us abandoning our board on the rocks is not a good option.

So a quick release pin is not a critical feature in a standard big wave leash; it is a luxury on the higher-end leashes and a feature that most Surfers will never need to use. The dakine pe’ahi leash is a long leash being 12 ft in length and the thickest leash on the market at 12 mm. The downside to this leash is because of the length and thickness you can really feel it dragging in the water when you are paddling and riding a wave unless you are surfing waves above 15 ft Hawaiian. If you are looking for the leash that feels the safest that it will never break and you are not concerned about drag then this is a fantastic option. I’ve used this leash in big surf and copped a dozen waves on the head and I felt so safe knowing that my leash was never going to break and my board would stay with me. It gives you a lot of peace of mind knowing your board is not going anywhere, it’s super trustworthy. 

The right leash should suit the wave size you are surfing and match your board length, or just slightly longer. Then look at what special features you may need when surfing a particular spot.

I believe for the wave size that I’m most commonly surfing which is the 10 to 18 ft Hawaiian size waves then the best leash and the most appropriate leash for that size of surf is 10 ft long and the Creatures of Leisure outer Reef 10 is my favourite leash and can handle that side surf. 

If I was going to surf 20 ft Hawaiian waves then I would break out the jaws DaKine pe’ahi leash, but until the waves reach 20 foot this leash is overkill. I would love to see dakine release the same model leash in 10 foot length which would make it suitable for deepwater heavy surf in the 10 to 15 foot range. And I would use it for.

So those are the two that I use, I have looked into the hand tied leashes from Stay Covered they make a hand tied leash but they were virtually impossible to source in Australia and they priced themselves out of the market.

So the outer Reef 10 by Creatures of Leisure is an excellent leash for 10 to 18 foot surf, and dakine pe’ahi leash is the strongest leash of them all however, it’s over kill unless the waves are 18 ft Hawaiian and above.

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